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2502, 2022

How To Get the Best Results from your Daily Probiotic Supplement

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This post is sponsored by AmeoLife While it’s common knowledge that probiotics are a useful supplement for optimal gut health, they can be pricey, especially when used long-term. While we don’t all need probiotics all the time, if [...]

2702, 2022

Long COVID Explained: What it is, symptoms and who gets it

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Commonly Seen Symptoms The signs and symptoms seen in long COVID can present as different types, and combinations of health problems for different lengths of time. Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath Tiredness or generalized fatigue Symptoms that [...]

2802, 2022

Antifungal Berberine Kills Candida – You Are The Healer

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Studies Show Antifungal Berberine Kills Candida & Decreases The Hyphal Formation Candida Berberine Kills Planktonic Candidal Yeast Cells And Biofilm Forming Cells In a 2016 study researchers examined the antifungal activity of berberine in fluconazole-resistant pathogenic yeasts. They [...]

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